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If you’ve been around bodybuilding for any amount of time over the last five decades, you’ll have assuredly come across the name Ellington Darden. Ell has written articles in every major bodybuilding and strength training publication… he was ground floor during the glory days of Nautilus and Arthur Jones, and has written over 75 best selling books on bodybuilding, nutrition, fat loss, and general fitness.

To date, Ell has sold over six million copies of his muscle building and fat loss books.

You know the books I’m talking about because you probably have a bunch of them as well: High Intensity Strength Training . . . BIG . . . The Nautilus Book . . . SUPER High-Intensity Bodybuilding . . . Massive Muscles in 10 Weeks . . . Big Arms in Six Weeks . . . GROW . . . the list goes on and on.

I’ve got a whole shelf of Ellington Darden books in my strength library which I have flipped through regularly and from which have learned a great deal of wisdom and effective training techniques.

I’m lucky enough to call Ell Darden a friend, and during a recent phone conversation with him, I casually mentioned the “Darden” section of my strength library.

In his thick Texas drawl, Ell then remarked the following:

“John, you’ve probably got all my books, and it sounds like you are making good use of them . . . but did you know that I’ve written a couple hundred training articles that you haven’t read and probably don’t even know exist?”

Really? Tell me more.

“Over the years, I’ve written articles in a lot of the major bodybuilding magazines that you are know like Iron man, Strength and Health, and Muscular Development, etc.

You’ve probably read some of those, but I have also had articles that appeared in a lot more publications that even some of the biggest Ellington Darden fans don’t know about.

“There were magazines on nutrition, coaching magazines . . . sporting magazines . . . I even had a couple articles in a publication written specifically for airline pilots — Don’t forget, pilots have to be strong and in good shape to do their job too!

“Back in the mid-80’s, I once started making a list of all the articles that I had written but I gave up because there were far too many . . . and there have been a lot more since then, plus several other books and courses.

“You know, it’s unfortunate that a lot of people will never get to read these articles because there is a lot of good information . . . a lot of these publications are no longer around and back issues are very rare and hard to find.

“The information is just as effective these days and would help clear up a lot of the misconceptions about strength training and nutrition that are all over the internet.

“In my opinion, one of the biggest factors holding a lot of people back from building some real muscle is that they read far too much bad training advice on the internet and then they end up frustrated because it doesn’t work . . .

Ell also went on to say:

“Aside from all that good training information that I have written up over the years in my books and articles, I’m always tinkering. I’ve come up with all kinds of new methods (or new applications of old methods) that have shown a great deal of promise with my trainees.

“There’s also lot of new research that I think a lot of people would find of tremendous value if only they knew about it.

“Even with so much information available on the internet, trainees these days seem to be more confused than ever . . .

“You wouldn’t believe the number of training questions I receive every day, It takes at least a year (and usually longer) to get a book ready for print so even if I could address all those questions, it would take too long to get them the information they need.

“I know that a lot of people would benefit from having a more up-to-date way to obtain the answers they need in order to improve their training . . . ”

As I was listening to Ell, the wheels began to turn in my mind. As a matter of fact, there was a new platform that I had been working on that I believed was a perfect solution to all the points that Ell mentioned.

This was a textbook case of preparation meeting opportunity because I already had a perfect option that I had been working on:

“Ell, what about if I started collecting all those articles and made them available in a special area of my new mobile app?”

“My app can provide a perfect platform to share the “lost” articles that you mentioned, plus answer the common questions people send your way, as well as keep people up to date on new ideas or training methods. And if you wanted to post any new articles, training information, or workouts, it could easily be done, all at the click of a button.

With a “hmm,” followed by a long pause . . . Ell’s response was:

“John, you are absolutely right . . . let’s do it!!”

And, just like that, “The Ellington Darden Archive” was born!

Lost Darden Articles — Now Found!

Thus began an adventure through the deepest corners of the Iron Game that even Indiana Jones would be proud of.

As noted, over the years, Ell has written articles in all the major bodybuilding magazines that you are probably familiar with — but you’ll find Ellington Darden articles in many publications you never even knew existed like Sleek Physique, Muscle Up, and Mr. America — just to name a few.

And in addition to these articles, Ell has been digging through his file cabinets and finding material that has never been seen in public before: articles that were previously unpublished, book chapters that were cut out at the last moment for spacing issues, workout reports, stories from Arthur Jones and Nautilus days, new research, and other odds and ends that Ell has yet to share anywhere else.

At the time of this writing, there are over 200 entries in The Ellington Darden archive — and there is no end in sight!

But, Why an App?

Before we go much further, let me address one of the big questions on your mind: “Why an app? Why not just post all this Ell Darden info on a regular website?”

The simplest answer is convenience — the app platform makes it easier for us to publish and share all this information and because the app “lives” on your phone or mobile device, it makes it easier for you to access, read, and apply this information.

The more convenient it is for you to read this training info, the faster and more effectively you’ll be able to apply it into your training.

The goal here is maximum engagement: With the app, there is no need to futz around with user names or passwords, setting up the app is a snap, and your app account is tied to your (unique) cell phone number and it can be accessed with one click any time you want.

One of the great values of the “app” platform is that you can use the spare minutes you encounter throughout the day to up your knowledge game . . . instead of watching kitten videos.

And because the app platform is easier for us to publish to, it means more content coming your way on a regular basis — as mentioned before, we have over 200 entries in the Ellington Darden Archive so far, with new articles appearing every few days — in other words, lightning speed.

And in case you might be wondering, setting up the app takes less than 60 seconds, and we are more than happy to walk you through the process.

You’ll be spending a lot of time on your phone anyway, why not use that time to your advantage?

Enter The Ellington Darden Archives

What kinds of content can I find posted in The Ellington Darden Archive?

Glad you asked, here are some highlights:

  • Why it isn’t Exercise Just Because you Sweat – some  straight talk on an area that far too many people are confused about
  • How to tighten up your waistline without doing a single sit-up – a 30 billion dollar secret
  • The Secrets of Negative Training – how to build muscle size and strength by lowering — not lifting — weights
  • The unique way that Arthur Jones performed barbell curls – definitely not for the fain of heart
  • Ellington Darden’s most productive arm routine – after over five decades in the strength business, this routine is still tough to top
  • The smart way to combine strength training and running – how to get in killer shape while keeping your muscular gains
  • Straight talk on “Functional Training” – the gurus won’t want you to hear this
  • The significance of muscular pumping – an eye opening situation with the great Sergio Oliva
  • Ell Darden’s most hair raising experience with Arthur Jones – Arthur Jones was a man who constantly lived on the edge, but one Sunday night in 1974 put them all to shame
  • Big Jim’s Solid Growth Routine – Need strength and size fast? See Big Jim!
  • Details of The Ultimate Lat Routine – You can perform this one with Nautilus Machine or free weights, but either way, you can expect your t-shirt to feel tighter
  • Sense and Nonsense about Health Foods – this classic article will shed some important light on which exotic foods will help you build muscle, and which ones are a complete waste of money
  • How shining your shoes can add size and strength to your triceps – a lost art with some rather unusual consequences
  • The absolute best upper body exercise – probably not the one you are thinking of, but it CAN be performed in any gym in the lan
  • Classical Rib Cage Development Techniques –  try this “lost” method for building chest size
  • FOUR more old-school exercise methods for expanding your rib cage – you sure won’t see the gym bros doing these
  • How much protein do you REALLY need? – at last an answer to this age-old question
  • An A/B Routine for Football – all the important areas are developed for gridiron success
  • Arthur Jones’s Formula for Big Arms – it is not at all what you think it is . . . but it works like magic
  • Ten Old-School Secrets that need to be used today – a few tips from some strength legends
  • How to thicken your pectorals by Using Breakdowns – step by step advice for the best chest pump you have sever experienced
  • The REAL-MAN shoulder routine – don’t blame us if you have to start walking through the door sideways
  • Strength Training for Golf – a true secret weapon for success on the links
  • The Hydrated Carbo Nutritional Secret – a rather remarkable and constantly overlooked source of high-quality nutrition
  • The Strongest Man in Baseball – the unusual routine that took one player from the scrap heap to comeback player of the year
  • The Ice Water Diet, what it is and how you can use it to drop unwanted fat – losing lard around your middle can be easier than you think . . . once you know how
  • One Legendary Strongman’s Unusual Leg Routine for Strength and Size – a true underground secret, straight from the legend himself
  • 10 Tips for Hard Gainers – having trouble adding strength and size? Here’s what to do.
  • The Quadruple Pre-Exhaustion Lat Routine – a multi-time Mr. Olympia winner swears by this routine

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With over 200 articles currently posted, this works out to less than a dollar per entry — and the available content continues to grow on a regular basis.

If you attempted to track down all of this Ellington Darden material posted so far, it would take you decades and easily cost thousands of dollars. This doesn’t even take into account the typing, re-typing, proof reading, scanning, cropping, type-setting and other work involved in creating and maintaining such an archive, none of which you will have to deal as a member.

At well over 1600 pages of material posted thus far, even if we didn’t add another entry, the price for a Darden Archive membership would already be worthwhile — but new articles are being added on a regular basis

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