What types of content can be found in The Darden Archive?

The vast majority of postings are articles in the form of pdfs. Any time a workout is mentioned in an article, we also post that workout directly afterwards in a separate entry so that any time you need a good workout, you can peruse those directly. Video and audio content will also be included, so the multi-media capabilities that our app provides is ideal.

Can I view the Darden Archive on anything other than a smart phone?

Yes, you can view the Darden Archive on an iPad or other tablet device by downloading the app and following the same login procedure as you used for the phone — your account credentials are synced for both the phone and tablet versions of our app.

I’m located in another country, can I still view the Darden Archive?

Yes, that will be no problem at all, we currently have Darden Archive members in over ten countries (and counting,)

I already have your app set up on my phone from a prior purchase, anything I need to do?

If you already have the app on your phone from a prior purchase of one of our courses, there is no other action necessary on your part. We will simply unlock the Darden Archive as soon as we see your order come in (or at the next available opportunity if ) and the Darden Archive icon will appear immediately on your app menu screen.

Can I view the Darden Archive and/your app on an Android phone?

Yes, we have both iPhone and Android versions of our app available. When we create your account, you will be sent a link which you can click to visit the app or play store to download the app on the appropriate operating system you have.

The Darden Archive sounds great, can I get the Darden material on pdfs?

Our app is the only platform on which this material is available to view. And aside from practical considerations, there is simply too much material in The Darden Archive to share any other way.

Can I pay for my Darden Archive membership with Paypal?

You sure can! When you click through to our shopping cart, you can choose paypal as an option for payment. Your auto-renewal will also be handled automatically by Paypal.

Can I download and keep the Ellington Darden articles?

For security reasons, the material in the Darden Archive is viewable, but not downloadable or sharable.

Can I purchase a membership to The Darden Archive if I don’t have a smart phone?

Your membership is tied to your phone number and your login credentials are sent via text. You must have access to a phone which can receive text messages in order to be a Darden Archive member.

I’m a personal trainer, can I use Ellington Darden’s workouts with my clients?

Absolutely! in fact, having access to dozens of Ellington Darden’s tried and true workouts would be one of the major value points for any personal trainer.

Do I get a membership to The Ellington Darden Archive included if I am a member of The Iron League?

The Iron League is our strength archive website and is an entirely different program than the Ellington Darden Archive. Membership between these two programs require a separate subscription for each.

More information on The Iron League can be found here.

How long does it take to get the app set up in my phone?

It takes maybe 60 seconds at most — not much different than setting up Netflix, Faceboo, or any other app. Once we create your account, you will be sent login credentials and a link to via text. From there, you download the app, login with the 4-digit code and you are good to go. A few other brief instructions are sent via email once we create your account. Please feel free to contact us any time if you have questions, we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

I purchased a membership to the Darden Archive a year ago but never used it, can I get a refund?

Bad move on your part for not taking advantage of the archive materials when you had a chance, but all sales are final. in other words, NO REFUNDS. If you do not feel you will use the Darden Archive, do not purchase this product.

I’ve got a pain in my knee (or shoulder, neck, side, elbow, etc), can you tell me what it is?

The content in the Darden Archive is for informational purposes only and nothing in the Darden Archive should be viewed as medical advice. Please check with a doctor or rehab specialist if you have an injury or medical condition.

Are there any other costs for the Darden Archive?

No, whatever price point you joined at will remain constant forever more as long as you keep your account in good standing. In the event we increase the membership cost of the Darden Archive at some point in the future, it will not effect your recurring membership charge assuming your membership stays current.

I purchased a Darden Archive membership and set up the app but I still don’t see it, why not?

We have found that it is necessary to utilize a 2-step process for app setup. First, we send you the setup instructions and once you set up the app and log on, we require a second notification from you, to confirm that you have done so. Once we hear back from you this second time, we will unlock the Darden Archive. This is step #7 in the setup instructions that we send you via email. If we do not hear back from you, as required, we will not unlock the archive. We have found that unlocking course material without having the app set up in the first place, or without having logged in successfully, only serves to create confusion, hence why we do it the way we do.